Re conservative Ross Douthat’s op-ed piece, “The Fight that Republicans Need Now”.


Ross Douthat – unlike the clowns of the Right like Beck, Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly – is articulate and seems rational. But that’s surface. He seamlessly flows with the demagoguery and inhumanity of corporate hacks like Cruz, Rand, & Rubio. Douthat displays Mitt Romneyan contempt for the non-rich in saying, “…there is plenty of time for Chris Christie or Scott Walker to raise his sights about pension fight and union battles.” Nowhere in his op-ed piece is there a hint of empathy towards anything other than the best way to get the Republican elected.                                          No human ethic is in play. Douthat reflects the Right’s mindset of greed, power-seeking, and unscrupulousness. Concern for people and the planet is not on their radar.

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