Response to defense of Capitalism rather than “Communism or going straight to Utopia”.


  • Mark Weinstein · Works at Self-Employed

    The alternative to Capitalism is a WELL REGULATED Capitalism that doesn’t exist to continue the blood feeding-frenzy of the Right in America today.                            America needs universal health coverage. If that is Socialistic, so be it.  I (and you) know lots of people who are going broke to pay health care premiums and/or are afraid to go to a doctor because of the cost, or don’t have coverage at all and get sicker and/or die. The profit-motive should not fuel people being able to protect their health and the health of their kids.                                                                                                                     The profit-motive should not fuel the prison system wherein people become units to be locked up for profit.  Nor should it fuel armament production that now encourage war-creation. Nor should it protect the right to disregard the planet.                         There’s a multitude of ways to make millions of dollars.  Billionaire status is suspect.     We need a graduated-tax; it was during the country’s greatest prosperity that there was a graduated tax. Now the country is getting poorer and poorer while the 1% vampires manipulate everything to continue multi-million/billionaire status. What Deborah Kopaken went through is common. I suspect you have a Fox-News perspective. Whatever. Try some deeper thinking that has empathy that trumps judgement.


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