On the non-progress of America’s racial divide.


Seattle Pending Approval

When Obama was elected, he had a mandate to fulfill all of his promises in a knight-in-shining armor way. If he’d seized that historical opportunity, we’d have universal health care, a sane drug-policy and fair criminal-justice system, a vibrant educational system with affordable college, climate protection, a renewed infrastructure. All that – and more – could have been achieved. But he stayed “reasonable” with the corrupt Right that he so well-defined in his campaign. As a historian, Obama should have followed the lead of FDR & LBJ by not dallying. And because he dallied, instead of a renaissance, we’ve gone backward into bigotry and fear. Obama has had successes, but they haven’t translated into a revitalized spirit in America; we’re not a hopeful and proud people.                                     He made us believe, and then stopped at the finish-line.                                                 Tragedy.

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