Response to blaming Obama for the terrorism in France

Mark NW.

You need to spend less than 27 hours a day listening to Fox News.                                         s Bush/Cheney LIED to put us massively in the Middle East.  Google the 1994 video of Cheney defending Bush Senior NOT going into Iraq following the 1990 Gulf War.  Cheney described the folly that Bush senior had avoided by not going after Sadam Hussein. It was the EXACT folly that happened 9 years later in 2003 when Cheney reversed himself by backing us going into Iraq.  Cheney & crew KNEW the U.S. was walking into quagmire.  So WHY did we invade Iraq? The answer is that invading Iraq would begin ongoing war – which is what Halliburton and the rest of the military-industrial complex WANT.              That’s the real truth – not blaming Obama for the rising & setting of the sun.               THINK about it.

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