U.S.A.’s refusal to accept Syrian Refugees

The denial of providing safe-haven for the Syrian refugees will legitimatize racism per se in America.

The present xenophobia filling the air is like the science-fiction movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.  One by one, people are having their human essence literally sucked from them, and in their place are soulless replicants from outer space whose purpose is to eliminate humanity.
In plain language, anyone who buy’s what the Republicans are now putting forth in the refugee issue has begun the process of losing his or her humanity.  I’m not talking about the long-time ultra-Right – they’ve been posers in human form for a long time.  A successful poisoning of the hearts and minds of millions of heretofore compassionate, rational people is taking place.
The Republican Right is stirring-up the hatred of all Muslims that took place 74 years ago following the attack on Pearl Harbor.  All Japanese people went into concentration camps.
The fat is in the fire.
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