The cat is out of the bag.

Eight-one years ago, Hitler became German Chancellor.  True to his word, he wasted no time and followed no rules to achieve absolute power.  Dissent was crushed – any disagreement or appeal to fairness or rationality was labeled as cowardice and being traitor to the superior German race.  It wasn’t Hitler who was the threat – it was something in the German psyche that exploded in fury and hate – a barely sleeping tiger that took only skillful prodding to awake.  The beast that awoke was without mercy or soul.  The German people failed the test of humanity.

And now America.  There is no camouflaging what Trump is about.  He is a megalomaniac with murderous – and I mean murderous – intent.  What is astounding and terrifying – though not truly surprising – is that the bigotry and brutality coming through Trump is finding fertile soil in the United States of America.  We’re marching towards totalitarianism while calling ourselves the greatest country – i.e. white Americans – in the world.  The fat is in the fire.

And we’re doing it to ourselves.

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