Guns, John Lennon, and why? (back & forth about gun control).


Most gun laws in the Nation – Chicago.   Among the highest gun murder rates in the country.  They have Gun Free zone.  Stupid is as stupid does. You want to protect America, then you conceal and carry.  If someone robs you – simple, shoot them, won’t have to worry about that pos robbing anyone ever again.
+Peacemaker Jones As the Beatles said, “Happiness is a warm gun. Bang, bang, shoot, shoot.” You and people like you could have arsenals of hundreds of guns, but you still wouldn’t feel safe. If you want to find out what your’re really scared of, you don’t have to go out your own front door”.

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I am not scared of anything and if John had a gun he would still be here today.

+Peacemaker Jones: John Lennon autographed a photo handed to him by Mark David Chapman a few hours before Chapman shot him. At that point, Chapman could have pulled out his gun and shot Lennon. It was when Lennon got out of his car that Chapman shot him – a gun in Lennon’s pocket wouldn’t have saved him. Bearing a gun isn’t guaranteed salvation. Guns you own and walls you build across borders won’t make you feel safe. Like any addiction, the more you have, the more you will need – you’ll never feel safe until you have the guts to look within. That’s a human universal.

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