Different Views of Vision

+Mark Weinstein You must be confused. This is America. Is my right to stand and be heard and work towards this country being my vision just like you have the right to the same. Your go home and let us run the show is the most Un-American view here.

+1972meohmy Have whatever “visions” you have. That can include everybody believing & thinking just like you. I ask that the ATTAINING of your visions does not include taking away the rights of those who don’t share your visions. I have anger & aspirations, hatreds and hope, personal & societal values. In my work and in my personal life, I try to be the best person I can be, which includes not acting on occasional desires to denigrate or oppress others. A line from “Night of the Iguana” is my mantra: “Nothing human disgusts me, unless it is unkind or violent”. I check myself out to live up to that; I don’t always succeed. When I fail, self-righteousness had wormed its way into my thinking. That has frequently included manipulating others to encourage my ‘noble’ acts. It’s not easy to own-up to that. I’m human. And so are you.
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