Response to a conservative friend re an article about Anton Scalia’s son taking legal actions to protect Wall St. from regulators.

         The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Every move they make is about giving free, unregulated rein to Wall St.  This is coincident with trying to sabotage Social Security, limiting food stamps, impeding healthcare reform, etc.
        A central part of Republican strategy now is to engender personal hatred of Hilary Clinton.  When I talk to Republicans I know, I feel their enmity toward Hilary that’s separate from politics.  Check yourself out on your reactions towards her. The ongoing rhetoric against her is poisonous.
      It goes without saying how personal hatred against Obama has been created since he was first ran for President.  Elected Republicans vilify him regardless of issue or situation, or be labeled as ‘not being a true Conservative’.   If Obama says day, they’ll say night and it proves Obama is trying to push politically-correct night onto the country.  What’s wrong with Obama, though not directly said, but continually implied, is his race.  Misogyny and racism are stoked.  Just as Bush #1’s video (in the 88′) campaign about  Gov. Dukakis releasing the (black) felon Willie Horton was to bring out fear of the ‘other’.
     I have never felt you are a bigot or hate women – that doesn’t apply to you.  But we’ve all got pieces of these things in us, and they’re brilliantly interwoven against Hilary and Obama. If I didn’t like Hilary – and I mean this – the anti-woman tactics against her would disgust me.  And if I were against Obama, I’d still feel the fear of dark-skin that’s being appealed to with unrelenting cunning.
     On a personal level, each of the Republican candidates repel me.  That’s because what they stand for makes me see them as ugly – not because I’ve been set up to personally react.  The personal rhetoric by the Left against Republicans is negligible alongside the centrality of hate-mongering by the Right – now focused on Hilary & Obama.  I don’t hear the patriotism of Republicans being questioned – whereas that ethnocentric accusation is implied all the time against Obama.  The ‘birther’ issue was to create an image of a jungle-born n—er.  And you know it.  There are millions of people who say they believe Obama was born, half black, in Kenya.  That kind of imagery is not there about Cruz being born in Canada.
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