Netanyahu: the rose-colored demagogue.

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              Unknown to Obama, Netanyahu literally snuck into America (with complicity of JohnBoehner).  He then made his speech to Congress attacking Obama/Iran agreement.  That was a radiant demonstration of his contempt for America.  I’m an American.
               I’m for Israel and am hyper-alerted to worldwide Anti-Semitism using the the  Palestinian situation as a cover.  There is no real caring for Palestinians in this worldwide condemnation of Israel.    I believe Natanyahu, in manipulating the USA into being trapped in ongoing war in the Mideast,  serves worldwide hatred of Jews.  Netanyahu is not the only one trying to do that, but he’s one of them.  That goal is being realized.
              Netanyahu is a ‘friend’ to nobody or nothing other than right-wing ideology –  Least of all Israel.  Like Ted Cruz, Netanyahu’s father was a paranoid fundamentalist. That hatred is ingrained into their mentalities.   Netanyahu’s heart was set in stone when his brother Yoni was the only Israeli soldier killed in the 1976 raid on Entebbe.   One of his followers murdered Rabin.  Like all zealots, Netanyahu is relentless.  Unlike Cruz, he’s good at momentarily wearing a rational face – making Netanyahu more dangerous than Cruz.
             The Jews have & will survive.  Netanyahu assures the bloodletting will continue.
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