Netanyahu: the rose-colored demagogue.

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              Unknown to Obama, Netanyahu literally snuck into America (with complicity of JohnBoehner).  He then made his speech to Congress attacking Obama/Iran agreement.  That was a radiant demonstration of his contempt for America.  I’m an American.
               I’m for Israel and am hyper-alerted to worldwide Anti-Semitism using the the  Palestinian situation as a cover.  There is no real caring for Palestinians in this worldwide condemnation of Israel.    I believe Natanyahu, in manipulating the USA into being trapped in ongoing war in the Mideast,  serves worldwide hatred of Jews.  Netanyahu is not the only one trying to do that, but he’s one of them.  That goal is being realized.
              Netanyahu is a ‘friend’ to nobody or nothing other than right-wing ideology –  Least of all Israel.  Like Ted Cruz, Netanyahu’s father was a paranoid fundamentalist. That hatred is ingrained into their mentalities.   Netanyahu’s heart was set in stone when his brother Yoni was the only Israeli soldier killed in the 1976 raid on Entebbe.   One of his followers murdered Rabin.  Like all zealots, Netanyahu is relentless.  Unlike Cruz, he’s good at momentarily wearing a rational face – making Netanyahu more dangerous than Cruz.
             The Jews have & will survive.  Netanyahu assures the bloodletting will continue.
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On Newt Gingrich lobbying to be Trump’s veep.

Years ago, I believed Hitler was able to achieve power because of a flaw in the German psyche. Wrong. The entire Republican Party is goosestepping toward the abyss of totalitarianism. There is no longer national discourse in America – there is bigotry vs. fear vs. lies vs. vitriol.  All sides are winning.                 I wish that was a stretch.
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Trump as President: The myth that he would be worse than any other Republican candidate.

Aside from his obnoxious personality, what’s worse about Trump than Cruz?  Or Carson? Or Kasich?  Or Huckabee?  Or Ryan? Or Christie?  Or any other major Republican voice?

All are from the same rats’ nest of subservience to corporate greed without a shred of concern or interest in anything else.  “Let’s make America great again!” is slogan to the enraged and the frightened and the ignorant.  I fear Trump no more than any of the others.  They are darkness.



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Regarding an assignment to chronicle my life

To chronicle my life – that’s counting to infinity from zero.  Every day, without seeking them, memories of people, places, and times that I’d long-ago forgotten pop up onto my internal slide-show.  I once read that consciousness consists of seventeen thousand mind-moments a second.  Do the math for five minutes – let alone 72 years!   Are we actually the sum of every instant we’ve lived?  That nothing is ever lost?  It seems that’s the case.

Those blips are irrespective of age or context:                                                                           Feeling guilt about throwing a cat up in the air when I was 4 yrs old until the cat limped away.  Walking down Jansen Steps in 1965 at UCLA, nearly bumping into Nelson Rockefeller.  Going weekly with my mother & grandmother in Philadelphia to shop in an Italian neighborhood for my parents’ corner mom-and-pop grocery store in an early 50s colored neighborhood.  Leaving L.A., directly from my uncle Al’s funeral Dec 19th, 1971 to drive to Seattle to begin a new job and new life.

Formulating chronicle is cherry-picking from billions of stars from the sky on a clear desert night.  If there are uncountable stars, so too are interpretations and meanings of each star.  Golda Meir was asked about her early marriage.  She answered that it was too overwhelming to tell, “….but let’s try.”

So let’s try.

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Trump – in Real Space & Time

Mark Weinstein ·

Works at Self-Employed
If Trump gets into the White House, we’ll have an out-of-control megalomaniac as President. No matter how far back you go, Donald Trump has been an over-the-top, self-involved blow-hard. That he’s an excellent huckster is fact. It’s also fact the man has a violent nature. If he has his finger on a button – he’ll push it. As a human being, he’s without compassion or empathy. Nothing means anything to Trump except Trump. Bottom line is that Trump is, in the deepest sense of the word, insane.
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Decisions decisions – Cruz or Trump?

Cruz or Trump.

Python or Rattlesnake.

Skunk or Weasel.

Cockroach or Termite.

Vulture or Shark.

Take your pick.

Oh – that’s right, they picked the vulture over the shark!                                                       I Wish they had chosen the shark even though we’d have to stay out of deep water.           But that’s where we’ll be anyway if DT gets into the White House.  The abyss.

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